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General Update

Went to the Crab on Friday night with Jassem and a bunch of people from work.  The Crab was hopping.  It was a good time. 

I never ended up going to Jazz's house.  We went back to my place after the Crab and he stayed there through this morning.  We watched "The Happening" and "The Eye" and ate chocolate cream pie. 

Only 12 days left now until we go to Phoenix and 11 days until we go to my parents house.  One of my aunts might be staying there while we're there.  She's my godmother, Peggy.  She used to live in Orlando, but just moved to West Virginia to be closer to the family (my mother's oldest sister, Patty, lives in WV).  It'd be cool to see her.

Thursday was a crazy day.  I went to the Social Security Administration at 21st and M Streets in the morning.  I waited there for about 1 1/2 hours to apply for a new SS card since I lost mine.  They don't give you the card right away- it comes in the mail in 7-10 days.  She gave me stamped and signed forms that I could show the DMV as proof of SS#. 

So, after the SSA, I cabbed it to Georgetown Park Mall to the DMV.  I didn't have to wait there too long- maybe an hour- to get my new license.  It was even a flattering photo.  However, I was taking the bus from Georgetown to Tenleytown and I got about 1/3 the way up when I realized that they'd left a letter out of my last name.  So, I had to go back and get that corrected.  It didn't take too long, though. Maybe 15 minutes.  I don't think the woman who processed my info was the sharpest knife in the drawer.  She got the previous 2 people's cards wrong as well.  She had a woman listed as a man and a dude's address wrong.  I should've read my card REALLY carefully before leaving the DMV!  But, oh well. It was my day off and I had nowhere urgent to be.