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Long Ranty Politics Blog

So, as I'm sure many Americans are and as you may know by now, I'm obsessed with the election.  I'm not even going to pretend not to be.  So, let me go over a few points:

1)What kind of fuckery is McCain trying to pull with this campaign "suspension" tomfoolery?  What BS.  First of all, many people around the country are reporting his ads are STILL up and he is still making the rounds on TV shows.  Secondly, it's such an obvious stunt its ridiculous.  I am obviously for Obama, but I definitely think he's handled this pretty well.  McCain was trying to put him in an awkward spot and he hasn't flinched.  They better have that damn debate tomorrow because I've been warming up my fake Tivo all week for it (I can't watch it live because I have to wake up at 5:30 a.m. to sub for Rachelle at work Saturday).  I think McCain will show up regardless, but it'd be funny if he didn't and Obama came by himself.  Well, it'd be funny to everyone but the University of Mississippi which invested alot of money in this...

2)Did any of y'all catch Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric?  And I thought her other interviews were bad.  Really, it's on YouTube.  It's a 2-parter totalling about 11 minutes.  Go watch it if you have time.  This woman is a fucking joke and the unintentionally confused look on Couric's face was killing me.

3)I really don't understand why polling agencies insist on polling in certain places.  Do we really need a poll to tell us that Obama is up by 23 points in Maryland or McCain is up by 30 in Oklahoma?  Why waste time and money?  IDGI.

4)It is of my opinion that if Obama takes Pennsylvania (looks likely at this time, but things can change in a wink as we've already learned), he takes the election.  I'm pretty confident he can take all of the other states he needs to take (CA, CO, CT, DE, HI, IL, IA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OR, RI, VT, WA, WI, and DC).  I know alot of these states are close right now, but I have faith.  I also have a feeling that NV, VA, and NC may turn blue in the end and that would just be the icing on my cake.  Shit, if even one of them turned blue it'd be icing.

Ah well, we'll see.....

No flies, Fall, etc.

It seems, at least for the moment, that I have defeated the flies.  I haven't seen any in a few days.  I kind of miss killing the little bastards. 

It's getting cool outside. 

29 days until Jazz and I head out West!!:-)  Can't wait!

Oh, and since the middle of June, I've lost 13lbs! 

4 Down/God Knows How Many to go!



Damn Flies!

I bought a swatter.  It's on, muthafuckas!

I've actually gotten quite good at killing them with random objects, I must say.  Today, I squashed one with a Safeway receipt. 

Canyon Countdown

35 days till I go on vacation.  Yay:-)

Nees to buy a swatter

Ugh.  My room has been taken over by flies.


It's  Wednesday again and I'm super happy my week is over.  I look forward to relaxing around the house tomorrow.  About the only thing I have on my agenda is going to the supermarket and taking a walk. 

I have a psychiatry appointment in Bethesda Friday.

And on Saturday, Amy and Mark (my sister and her fiance) are taking Jassem and I to Chi Cha Lounge for a hookah. 

Our work shindig this past Saturday was a success.  I got way too drunk, but, other than that, it was cool.  We had a little bit bigger crowd than expected, which was a nice surprise.  Pictures to come soon...

Cookout, Politics, Ike, Arizona, etc.

It's been a little while, again, since I last posted.  I'm going to try to get on track again, but things have been busy.

Tomorrow, I host our Client Care department cookout here at the house.  We should have 15-20 people total throughout the day.  It runs from 11-6, officially, but I expect a few stragglers later into the evening, which is fine.  Some of these folks don't get off until 4:30pm.  And there will be a keg, so some people may be drunk and drunk people don't like to leave parties.  It's all good.  As long as they're out by midnight 'cause I gotta work on Sunday.

Been watching more political coverage and looking at poll numbers as we head into the final stretch of the presidential campaigns.  These polls really are fuckery.  For example, I saw 4 polls of North Carolina taken within 3 days...2 said McCain was ahead there by 20 and 17 points respectively and 2 said he was ahead by 3 and 4 points respectively.  WTF?  Alot of the polls are like this.  Yesterday, Quinnipac had Obama ahead by 5 in Ohio and another couple of polls had McCain ahead by 4 points and 1 point respectively there.   USA Today/Gallup had McCain up 10 points last week, but the poll that Wall Street Journal does with either NBC or ABC (??) had Obama up by 1 in the same time period.  These polls seem to make little sense.   Then, I looked and saw that alot of these polls take between 800 and 1000 respondents.  Especially for the National polls, how can you even pretend to guage the vote leaning of a nation of over 300 million on 1000 people's responses?  If you have a poll of 800 people, that's, what? 16 people from each state?  Goofy.  No wonder Kerry was ahead in the polls pre the 2004 election and lost.  Polls, especially National polls which don't reflect the makeup of the electoral college, mean little.  But it doesn't stop me from looking at them every day.  I'm just obsessed.

Weather is another obsession of mine and it is now Houston/Galveston needing our thoughts and prayers.  And it looks like they will REALLY be needing them.  Been watching the news today.  Ike is nowhere near them- still at least 12 hours from landfall- and parts of the Texas seacoast are already seriously flooding.  They're just starting to get Tropical Storm force winds on Galveston Island and it hasn't really started raining much there yet, but the storm surge is already up to something like 8 feet because Ike is so huge.  It doesn't have the strongest winds of all time (will hit as a strong 2/weak 3), but its sheer size is going to cause alot of problems.  The thing is like 700 feet across and headed to a very populated region.

Getting excited for Arizona.  I think we now have 41 or 42 days left until we leave.  It's hard to wait, but as impatient as I am, I'm doing ok;-)  As I believe I wrote last week, everything is now taken care of.  We reserved our plane tickets, hotel rooms, campsite, and shuttles.  The only stuff I have left to do is buy hiking boots, possibly hiking poles, and thick socks for hiking.  Jassem is lending me a hiking backpack a water bladder and some jackets for those 3 cold nights we'll spend sleeping at the Canyon.  The rest of my preparation is basically just making sure I save alot of spending money for the trip so I can enjoy myself without worrying about cash restrictions.


General Update

Kat moved out last weekend.  She went back to North Carolina.  We're gonna miss the hell out of her.  We spent the Saturday before she left together.  We went to a couple of museums and acted a fool and then went for dinner at Zorba's Greek restaraunt in Dupont Circle.  I'll post the pix shortly.

Right now, its just the 4 of us: Jassem, Peter, Frank, and I, living at the house.  We'll probably have a new roommate soon.

Between the 2 of us, Jazz and I have booked everything for Arizona.  Jassem got us the plane tickets and booked the campground.  I reserved the hotels and shuttles (Phoenix to Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon and back).  So, now, we're just waiting around to go.  And it's almost 2 months from now.  I'm really excited, but it's still like 7 weeks away.  I HATE waiting!:-(

We have Tropical Storm Hanna on the way tomorrow.  She's supposed to hit us worst during the afternoon tomorrow with up to 40mph sustained winds and tons of rain.  So, I anticipate a housebound Saturday and that's okay.  I'm trying to conserve my money for the trip.

Submitted my voter registration change today.  I know, I've only lived in DC for 3 years.   I'm the procrastinator from hell.  I've been voting over in Maryland, but cannot do that this year because it will be too hard to get from the house to my polling place to work and back before 1:30pm.  I work that day.  If I'm registered in DC, our polling place is like 3 blocks away. 

Oh, and I've lost 12lb in the last few months!  Definite progress!



The vacation has been decided on.

Jassem and I will be going to Arizona.

We will fly into Phoenix on October 24.

Spend the 25th in Phoenix.

Travel to Flagstaff by shuttle on the 26th and stay overnight there.

Travel to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on the 27th by shuttle and camp for 3 nights at Mather Campground in Grand Canyon Village.

Travel back to Flagstaff on the 30th and stay overnight.

Travel back to Phoenix on the 31st.

Go home on the 1st.

Jassem  buys our tickets tonight and I will be reserving hotels, shuttles, and the campground during my "weekend".

We will be packing light as I prefer not to drive.  I haven't driven in over 3 years and am not comfortable with travelling through mountain roads in late Fall in an unfamiliar place.  Jassem cannot drive because he has poor vision.  So, I plan to take just a hiking backpack and a duffle bag to make things workable when we are camping (since we can't leave valuables at our campsite).  Only the essentials.  A handful of outfits, underwear, bras, 2 pair of shoes, toothbrush/toothpaste, keys, phone, camera, wallet, medication, etc.  That way we can take valuables, food, and water in our backbacks when we leave the campsite and only leave behind tent/sleeping bags and things that can be replaced.  We won't be taking a huge amount of food on our hikes because I don't think either one of us is in good enough shape to hike more than a handful of miles at 7,000 feet at this point in time.  One can buy groceries and do laundry near the campsite according to the huge amount of literature I have been combing through lately.

So, I am really looking forward to this and I know Jassem is too.  I've always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon.  And in April or May, I would like to go to either Yellowstone or Glacier and that will satisfy my National Park itch.  I would then like to visit Hawaii next January and go somewhere outside of the US after that.  Well, this is the lovely vision I have at the moment.  We'll see, we'll see....